A Place to Bury Strangers

Oliver Ackermann

circa 2013, from Josh Newton

  • Rig: "I play one of my Jaguars wired without controls straight from a T.O.G. lipstick pickup into a Boss Tuner into the Kill Kill Filter prototype into a big multi fuzz pedal called Armageddon into a custom octave/drive/harmonic shifter into a wah pedal I built into an A/B/C/D box into a multieffect head that I built with feedback loops around multiple delay and reverb circuits all getting selected with the A/B/C/D switch then into a 8 channel preamp I designed then back out to a box which can mute amps 1-6 into a stereo multi-pole filter for amps 1 and 2. Any DR brand strings will do, they are the strongest because I sometimes strum so hard I need them to be strong. The amps vary between OSC power amps, Markbass II and III, or other power amps as I have built the preamps and just want as clear of a sound as possible so I can control the dynamics."
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