Best Coast

circa 2015, from Premier Guitar and The Current (more details at those links)

Bobb Bruno

  • Guitars: Gibson Elliot Easton Firebird; Fender AS Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker; Gibson Joan Jett Melody Maker; Eastman T386 Thinline; Squier Baritone Jazzmaster (ADGCEA); Eastwood Warren Ellis Tenor (CGDA)
  • Effects: American Loopers Looper, Audio Menagerie Peregrine Boost II, Bigfoot FX Magnavibe, Catalinbread Talisman, Catalinbread Valcoder, Catalinbread Zero Point, EHX Nano POG, EHX Pitch Fork, EHX Tone Tattoo, "Forever Fuzz" from Nels Cline, Guyatone MD-3, Line 6 DL4, Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo, MI Audio Super Crunch Box, Mid-Fi Electronics Dual Fuzz Wall/Psych Byke, Mojo Hand FX Nebula IV, Mr. Black Eterna Gold, MXR Noise Clamp, Strymon Deco, Strymon El Capistan, TC Electronic PolyTune, TSVG The Fluzzy, TSVG Hard Stuff
  • Amps: 1982 Mesa/Boogie Mark II 115W

Bethany Cosentino

  • Guitars: Fender LE AS Stratocaster; Fender Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster; "no-name" Tele-style
  • Effects: DigiTech Supernatural, EHX Holy Grail, Malekko Ekko 616, Mojo Hand FX Bluebonnet, TC Electronic PolyTune 2, Wampler Euphoria, Xotic EP Booster
  • Amps: Mesa/Boogie Lone Star 1x12
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