Tim Taylor

  • Electronics: Moog/Realistic MG-1, Oberheim Matrix 6R, unknown "Prig" synth/controller
  • Guitars: Eko 500-4V, Tele-neck chopped-up guitar
  • Amps: Sound City L120

John Schmersal

  • Guitars: Silvertone 1451, Teisco TG-64
  • Amps: Music Man HD130 & 4x12
  • Effects: Digitech Whammy
  • Tunings: EAEBbBE

Juan "Monostereo" Monasterio

  • Basses: Ibanez Eagle Bass
  • Amps: Ampeg SVT & 8x10

Tyler Trent

  • Electronics: Roland Octapad
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