Brand New

Jesse Lacey

circa 2007

(from GuitarGeek:)

  • Guitars: 1990s Fender Jazzmasters (one black and one light blue, both tuned down half step); 1978 Fender Telecaster (black, Lindy Fralin pickups); 1991 Rickenbacker 330 (black)
  • Effects: Boss TU-2 > Boss RV-5 > Ibanez TS9 > Pro Co TurboRAT > Boss DD-5 > Boss DD-5 > Boss TR-2 > Dunlop Crybaby > Axess BS2 Buffer/Splitter > Morley A/B/Y
  • Amps: Marshall MKII 50W 2204 head into Matchless ES412 cab (loaded with Celestion/Matchless M-Series speakers); Vox AC30CCH 30W head into Vox V212BNX cab (loaded with Celestion Blue Alnicos)
  • Other: DR strings (.11s); George L's cables; SKB PS-45 pedalboard
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