CBS Orchestra

Paul Shaffer

  • Hammond B-3 (w/ Leslie 145)
  • Roland Fantom-X7
  • Oberheim OB-Xa
  • Kurzweil K250
  • Moog Minimoog Voyager
  • Kurzweil K2000 v3
  • Baldwin Grand Piano
  • E-mu Vintage Keys
  • Roland JV-2080

Will Lee

circa 2012

  • Basses: Sadowsky Will Lee Signature and Vintage 5, Line 6 Variax Bass 700, '60s Vox MK IV, Fender American Standard P-Bass, Hofner Club Bass
  • Amps: Hartke LH100 with 4x10; Radial JDI
  • Effects: Boss GT-10B

Sid McGinnis

circa 2012

  • Guitars: 1955 Fender Stratocaster (refin/modded); 1954 Fender Stratocaster; two 1950s Partscasters; 1996 Fender Nocaster Relic; 1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (refin/modded); Danelectro Vinnie Bell Coral Electric Sitar; Danelectro 12-String
  • Effects: Vox Wah, Boss NS-2, Boss PSM-5, Ibanez TS9, Boss DS-1, Boss BF-2, Boss DD-3, Demeter Tremulator
  • Amps: 1963 Fender Showman (Bill Krinard Dumble-style circuit)

Felicia Collins

circa 2012

  • Guitars: Hamer Model T, Hamer Daytona, Hamer DuoTone, Gibson Les Pauls, Taylor 812CE, custom Alvarez acoustics
  • Effects: DigiTech Whammy, TC Electronic PolyTune, Boss NS-2, Boss PW-10 V-Wah, Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe, Visual Sound H2O, Boss DD-5, DOD FX35, Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe, DigiTech RP500
  • Amps: DV Mark Little 40 L34, Crate Power Block

Anton Fig

  • Drums: Yamaha
  • Cymbals: Zildjian
  • Percussion: Latin Percussion
  • Other: Evans heads, ProMark sticks, Porter & Davies BC Gigster
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