Cocteau Twins

Mostly taken from Robin Guthrie's website:

Garlands (1982)

  • Beats: Roland TR-808 (studio); Boss DR-55 and SoundMaster SR-88 into a distorted HH IC100 combo (live)
  • Guitar: Kawai KS-11-XL; Maine 60W 2x10 combo; EHX Big Muff Pi, EHX Clone Theory, Watkins Copicat (3-button), Watkins Copicat (4-button)
  • Bass: Rickenbacker 4001; Carlsbro Stingray combo; Ibanez UE400

Lullabies EP (1982)

  • Beats: Linn LM-1

Peppermint Pig EP (1983)

  • Beats: Linn LinnDrum

Head Over Heels (1983)

  • Beats: E-mu Drumulator

Sunburst and Snowblind EP (1983)

  • Beats: E-mu Drumulator

Treasure (1984)

  • Beats: E-mu Drumulator (w/ Digidrums Rock Drums set (samples of John Bonham))

Aikea-Guinea EP (1985)

  • Beats: Roland TR-707

Tiny Dynamine, Echoes in a Shallow Bay EPs (1985)

  • Beats: Roland TR-707, Roland TR-727

Victorialand (1986)

  • Beats: Roland CR-78, Roland CR-8000 CompuRhythm
  • Guitar: Kinkade Brothers custom acoustic; Eventide SP2016

Blue Bell Knoll (1988)

  • Beats: E-mu SP-12, E-mu SP-1200, Yamaha RX5, Roland TR-808
  • Guitar: Fender Electric XII, Kinkade Brothers custom acoustic; Boss BF-2, Drawmer DS201, Lexicon PCM70, Roger Mayer CryBaby

Heaven or Las Vegas (1990)

  • Beats: Akai MPC60 MK1, E-mu SP-1200
  • Synths: Roland JD-800
  • Guitar: Fender Jazzmaster ('59), Levinson Custom (JM-style w/ Chandler neck), Paul Reed Smith; Gallien-Krueger preamp, Marshall 9000 preamp, Rockman Rockmodule; DBX 160X, Drawmer DS201, Roland Dimension D, Lexicon 480-L, Roger Mayer CryBaby, Roland Dimension D, TC Electronic 2290, Urei 1178, Yamaha D1500
  • Bass: Fender Precision Bass ('57); Nomad Bassman preamp, Rocktron bass preamp

Four-Calendar Café (1993)

  • Beats: Akai MPC60 MK1, Roland CR-1000
  • Guitar: Charvel acoustic, Fender Stratocaster ('59), Washburn 12-string acoustic, Yamaha acoustic; Rockman Sustainor

Milk and Kisses (1996)

  • Beats: Akai MPC60 MK2
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