Scott Scharinger

circa 2012

  • Guitars: First Act Limited Edition Sheena (main guitar, neck pickup); Univox Badazz (main guitar, Seymour Duncan Phat Cat neck pickup)
  • Effects: Boss TU-2 > Barber TonePress Parallel Compressor > T Rex Crunchy Frog > Fulltone OCD > Boss DD-20 (A to Micro POG, B to Ampeg V4) > EHX Micro POG > Boss EQ-7 (to SWR)
  • Amps: Ampeg V4 into Ampeg V4 4x12 cab; SWR 300W bass head into Emperor 2x15 bass cab

circa 2014

  • Guitars: '72 Gibson SG Standard, Fender Jazzmaster, First Act Limited Sheena (x2), First Act Limited Delia
  • Effects: Keisman K-Buff > Barber Tonepress Compressor > EHX Micro POG (effect to Iron Horse, dry to PS-5) > Walrus Audio Iron Horse > Keisman Killswitch (out to volume pedal) > Boss PS-5 > Earthquaker Devices Hoof > Walrus Audio Voyager or EHX Soul Food > Lovepedal Kalamazoo > Boss stereo volume pedal (tuner out to TC Polytune 2) > Boss DD-20 (output A to EQ, output B to Strymon) > Boss EQ-7 (out to Ampeg B4) > Strymon El Capistan > TC Hall of Fame > Boss RC-2
  • Amps:
    • Keisman ABY (out to Ampeg V4 and Musicman HD-130)
    • Ampeg V4 > Ampeg V4 4x12 guitar cab with original speakers
    • Vox AC30CCH > Avatar 2x12 guitar cab with Eminence Legends
    • Ampeg B4 > Emperor 2x12 bass cab with Eminence Delta Pro 12-A speakers

John Bradley

circa 2014

  • Drums: Sonor 22x18.5 birch kick, Pork Pie Curly maple snare or WorldMax brass snare, Yamaha birch 14x14 and 16x16 floor toms
  • Cymbals: 14" Zildjian Projection Sound hats, 18" Zildjian A Custom crash, 24" Paiste Reverend Al's Rude Ride, 20" Imperial Throwback crash
  • Other: low-tuned coated Emperors, Vic Firth 5B nylon & wood
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