Dinosaur Jr.

J Mascis

circa 2006

  • Guitars: 1959 Fender Jazzmaster (black/purple sparkle); 1960s Fender Jazzmaster (purple sparkle); 1960s Fender Jazzmaster (orange); J Mascis Fender Jazzmaster (purple sparkle); Rory Gallagher Stratocaster
  • Pedals: CAE RS-10 MIDI Foot Controller, Teese RNC2 wah, Boss TU-2

circa 2009

  • Pedals: CAE RS-5 MIDI Foot Controller; Crowther Double HotCake, Fox Rox Aqua Vibe, Analogman King Of Tone, Analogman Sun Lion, Eventide Timefactor, Dr. Scientist Reverberator, EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress, Boss TU-2, EHX USA Big Muff, Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler, MC-FX Super Fuzz, CAE MC404 Wah, CAJ Twin Tremolo

Lou Barlow

circa 2006

  • Basses: 1970s Rickenbacker 4001 Fireglo, BC Rich Warlock


circa 2006

  • Cymbals: Paiste 20" 2002 Medium, Paiste 20" Giant Beat, Paiste 20" 2002 Crash, 2x Paiste 19" 2002 Crash, Paiste 15" 2002 Sound Edge hats
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