Eddy Lawrence

From Acoustic Guitar Magazine, April 1999, No. 76: "Eddy Lawrence relied on three guitars to make Guitars, Guns, and Groceries: a Santa Cruz Tony Rice model (his main live ax), a Fender Telecaster, and a Martin D-18, all of fairly recent vintage. Mandolin parts were duly tremoloed, chonked, and the like on an Epiphone MM-50. After that, things get a little more esoteric. Bass parts were cut using the Telecaster and D-18 ("tuned wicked low"), and Lawrence’s "faux drums" included "wooden spoons, maple kindling, closet wall," as well as tambourine, egg shaker, and "guitar snare." Electric guitars were run through either of two amplifiers: a Fender Super Reverb or a Gallien-Krueger 220 MV. The whole project was recorded to a Tascam 244 Porta-Studio, and power was provided by solar panels, a wind generator, and a small stack of Trojan golf-cart batteries."

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