This is mostly based on what fans have identified over the last few years; little is known about E's gear.

E's main guitar in the last couple of years (2009 - present) has been a Danelectro '56 Pro, and he's been seen with a number of them, including a baby blue, a cream/white, and a black one, and as well as a Danelectro '56 baritone, which is his current main baritone guitar. Before the Danelectro, he mainly used Les Paul Juniors (which he still uses apparently, albeit infrequently). Other guitars he's been seen with include a few Fender Telecasters, a Taylor Baby Taylor mahogany acoustic (used on the With Strings tour), a Mosrite electric (see the "Saturday Morning" video), and a Gibson L-00 acoustic. He previously played a Les Paul (possibly an LP Junior), and a Univox Hi-Flier.

Amp-wise, he notably used to use a Fender Bassman half-stack, with the Fender decal modified to say "Fucker", up until around 2002. For the Shootenanny tour, he used (reportedly unreliable) Vox amps. As of 2010, he's switched to Mesa/Boogie combo amps live, specifically the Lone Star. He's also reportedly been spotted with an Ampeg Jet, Fender Tonemaster, and Mesa Tremoverb.

There is absolutely nothing online about E's pedals, aside from shot circa 2009, which appears to feature a MXR Blue Box, Boss OC-3, Dunlop TS-1, Tech 21 SansAmp, and some larger pedal I can't identify. Note the amps behind him.

The Chet's been seen with a black Gretsch G6128T Duo Jet (w/ Dearmond 2000 DynaSonic pickups), a sunburst Gibson ES-135, an old Gibson F5 mandolin, and a doubleneck lap steel.

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