El Ten Eleven

circa 2012, from their official website. Much of this was stolen on March 27, 2013 outside of their rehearsal space in Los Angeles, including Kristian's double-neck, Wal fretless, and pedalboards, and the majority of Tim's drum kit.

Kristian Dunn

  • Guitars: two late '70s Carvin DB630 double-neck bass/guitars, 1999 Wal fretless bass, Music Man Stringray fretless bass, late '90s Fender Jazz Bass
  • Amps: G-K RB800 into Eden 4x10 cabinets
  • Pedals: Digitech Whammy XP-100, Digitech Whammy WH-1, Digitech Stereo JamMan (3x), Boss RC-20, Boss DD-20, Boss TR-2, Boss BD-2 (2x), Boss OC-2, Boss TU-2, David Vine gain pedal
  • Other: German bass bow, Fender heavy bass picks, EBow

Tim Fogarty

  • Drums: Ludwig Vistalite 22x14 kick, Ludwig Vistalite 16x16 floor tom, 10/14/16" rototoms
  • Electronics: two Roland PD8s, Roland TD-8 (MIDI into Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample), Pole Pad (hi-hat, usually), Roland FD-7 (hi-hat control), F.A.T. Kat foot pedal (kick), Boss RC-20 looper
  • Cymbals: Paiste Giant Beat 24" ride, Paiste Giant Beat 15" hi-hats, Sabian HHX 19" Xtreme Crash, three Sabian HHX 18" Manhattan Crashes (two stacked as hi-hats, one single)
  • Other: Vic Firth 1A sticks, cowbell
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