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Spencer Seim

  • Guitars:
    • Scott French SF0SS - Green/"Beardburst" (clippings of Seim's beard). Features a nut pickup, individual piezo outputs for each string pickup (with a 13-pin connector, along with a standard 1/4' output), fiber-optic LED side markers in the fingerboard, and a built-in egg shaker.
    • Scott French SF3 - Made of eucalyptus and walnut. Seymour Duncan pickups. Fiber-optic LED side markers in the fingerboard. Built-in egg shaker with contact mic. According to French, "there's also two mercury switches wired into the electronics so moving the neck up and down can swap between bridge to neck, bridge to kill, or bridge both pickups. The egg shaker mic also picks up the strings so the bridge to kill setting has some weird sounds too."
    • 1980s Series 10 Flower Telecaster
  • Amps: Mesa Boogie MK III stack
  • Effects: Seim used to just use a Boss LS-2 to switch between clean and distorted tones. Following Church/Chirpin', Seim started using a few other pedals. One of these is known to be a Yamaha Magicstomp.

Zach Hill

Zach changes his setup very regularly.

With Hella, he typically uses a 4-piece kit with hi-hats, crash, ride, and a stack of broken cymbals. He also used a 4-piece with Wavves and Marnie Stern.

With Death Grips, he originally used his Hella setup more or less: a 3-piece, hats, crash-ride, and broken cymbal stack. He simplified this kit over time; most recently, his live kit was simply a kick, a snare, and a floor tom; no cymbals. He's also known to have used a Roland V-Drum kit in the studio.

According to Modern Drummer circa August 2006, he was using:

  • 25x26 Jenkins Fiberglass Surfboard kick
  • 10x12 Tama Starclassic Performer tom
  • 16x18 Sako custom floor tom
  • 6.5x14 Keplinger stainless steel snare
  • 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hi hats
  • 15" Paiste 2002 Wild Crash
  • 24" Paiste 2002 ride (with inverted bell)
  • Trash metal/cymbal stack
  • Metal cutout cymbal
  • Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Tama hardware
  • Remo Coated Emperors (snare/toms), PowerStroke 3 (kick)
  • Pro Mark 5B Natural sticks

According to Modern Drummer circa December 2012, he was using (most likely with Death Grips):

  • 16x20 kick, 16x16 floor tom, 7x14 Keplinger stainless steel snare
  • Zildjian K Mastersound 14" hats, Zildjian A Custom 20th Anniversary 21" ride
  • Keplinger 22" stainless steel cymbal stacked on assorted broken cymbals
  • Remo Emperor X (snare batter) and Evans EMAD (kick batter) heads
  • Pro-Mark 5B Natural wood-tip sticks
  • Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Tama hardware
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