Zach Hill

Zach changes his setup very regularly.

With Hella, he typically uses a 4-piece kit with hi-hats, crash, ride, and a stack of broken cymbals. He also used a 4-piece with Wavves and Marnie Stern.

With Death Grips, he originally used his Hella setup more or less: a 3-piece, hats, crash-ride, and broken cymbal stack. He simplified this kit over time; most recently, his live kit was simply a kick, a snare, and a floor tom; no cymbals. He's also known to have used a Roland V-Drum kit in the studio.

According to Modern Drummer circa December 2012, he was using (most likely with Death Grips):

  • 16x20 kick, 16x16 floor tom, 7x14 Keplinger stainless steel snare
  • Zildjian K Mastersound 14" hats, Zildjian A Custom 20th Anniversary 21" ride
  • Keplinger 22" stainless steel cymbal stacked on assorted broken cymbals
  • Remo Emperor X (snare batter) and Evans EMAD (kick batter) heads
  • Pro-Mark 5B Natural wood-tip sticks
  • Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Tama hardware
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