Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Jon Spencer

circa 2012-13

  • Guitars: two Zimgars
  • Effects: Boss TU-2
  • Amps: Kustom 200 head driving a Vox 2x12 with “heavy-metal” speakers (US shows), Kustom 100 head through an FAD 2x12 cabinet and a Peavey Bandit 65 combo (Europe shows)
  • Other: custom Mark Keppinger tube theremin, GHS Boomers (11-15-18-28-36-50), Dunlop .73mm Tortex picks

Judah Bauer

circa 2012-13

  • Guitars: '50s/'60s-style parts Telecasters, Danelectro baritone, Gretsch 6121
  • Effects: Echoplex, Honda Fab Delay, Heathkit Fuzz, Fender Sublime, Audio Kitchen The Big Trees, Lehle 1at3 SGoS, Xotic EP Booster, MXR Phase 90, EHX Memory Toy, Z.Vex Box of Rock
  • Amps: ’61 Fender Twin (w/ Kendricks), ’59 Fender Deluxe (w/ JBL)
  • Other: DR Tite-Fit 11-52 sets, Dunlop 1mm picks

Russell Simins

circa 2013

  • Drums: Slingerland
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