Joy Division

Sourced from 1980 customs document posted by AcquiredTaste on GuitarGeek forums, and various fansites.

Stephen Morris

(from 1980 customs document:)

  • Drums: Gretsch walnut kit: 22x18" kick, 14x14" and 16x16" floor toms, 12x8"/13x9"/14x10"/15x12" concert toms, 14x5" chrome/brass snare, 14x5.5" chrome/wood snare
  • Cymbals: 14" Avedis Zildjian crash, 18" Avedis Zildjian crash-ride, 14" Avedis Zildjian Flat hats, 20" Avedis Zildjian Earth Ride, 20" Paiste Medium
  • Electronics: Pearl Syncushion, Musicaid Claptrap, Boss DR-55
  • Hardware: Premier 252 kick pedals (2x), Rogers Memrilock straight cymbal stands, Premier Trilock boom cymbal and snare stands, Gretsch tom stands, Le Blond cymbal case, Premier stool
  • Microphones: Shure 355 (2x), Shure Unidyne 3

(from Joy Division Central:)

  • Drums: Rogers kit: 22" kick, 14" Gretsch snare, 12"/13"/14"/15" concert toms
  • Cymbals: 15" Super Zyn hats, 20" Earth Ride, 20" Crash Ride, 14" and 18" Zildjian crashes
  • Electronics: Simmons twin channel drum synth, Synare 3 drum synth, Musicaid Claptrap, Boss DR-55

(according to Morris himself:)

  • Electronics: Simmons SDS-2 (snare on "Isolation")

Ian Curtis

  • Microphone: Shure SM57 > Carlsboro Marlin 180W PA amp > 2 Mitrex 2x12 PA cabs
  • Guitars: Vox Mark VI V222 "Teardrop" or Vox Phantom Mark VI Special > Yamaha G-100 2x10
  • Other Instruments: green Hohner soprano melodica (inherited by New Order), Tandberg 4-track tape recorder

Bernard Sumner

  • Guitars: Gibson SG Standard, Gibson ES-335, Shergold Masquerader, Gibson SG copies
    • Amplification: Vox AC-30, Vox UL-730
    • Effects: Korg GT-6 tuner, Roland RE-301 chorus/echo, Roland SBF-325 stereo flanger, Roland SEQ-315 2x15-Band Graphic Equalizer, Altair AW-5 Power Attenuator
  • Synths/Keyboards: According to Sumner, he used an ARP Omni 2 for most of ''Closer'', often through a Marshall Time Modulator; PowerTran Transcendent 2000; Sequential Circuits Pro-One (although this may not have been in production when ''Closer'' was recorded); ARP 2600 (for some percussive sounds on ''Closer''); ARP Solina (for the strings on "Atmosphere"), and a cheap Bontempi organ. Various sources have claimed that Joy Division also used ETI synthesizers and an ARP Quadra.
    • Amplification: Yamaha G-100 2x12 (possibly; listed on customs document)

Peter Hook

  • Basses: Yamaha BB-1200 (in cherryburst), Shergold Marathon 6-string, Shergold Modulator 6-string, Hondo II Rickenbacker 4001 copy, Gibson EB-0 copy (Hook's first bass, possibly either a Kasuga, Penco or Electra; he hated it)
  • Effects: EHX Clone Theory, Yamaha analog delay (most likely the E1010), Roland SEQ-315 2x15-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Amplification: custom Hiwatt 100 head, Roland SIP-301 bass preamp, Crown DC-300 power amp, 2 custom 800w bass cabs with 2x15" Gauss speakers in each, Vox 2x10 cab
  • Other: Shure SM57
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