Lightning Bolt

circa 2007-2008

Brian Gibson

  • Basses: custom-made 5-string Stingray (tuned to CGDAE, with banjo strings for the A and E)
  • Effects: Line 6 DL4, DigiTech Bass Whammy, Boss OC-2, Boss ODB-3, Boss SD-1, Boss PW-10
  • Amps: Crown Macro-Tech MA-3600VZ power amp, Ampeg SVT4 Pro w/ 4x10 cab (with more cabs ranging from 18" to 4x10")

Brian Chippendale

  • Drums: two Ludwig-Musser Supraphonic snares, one floor tom, one rack tom, one kick drum
  • Cymbals: one 20" Sabian ride, one 20" Zildjian ping ride
  • Electronics: BIAS Coron DS-7 Drum Synth (attached to bass drum); Death By Audio Interstellar Overdrive (to add noise to drums)
  • Mic: household telephone reciever mic > Boss SD-1, Boss OC-3, Line 6 DL4, Morley wah
  • Other: DW 9000 kick pedal, Zildjian Absolute Rock blunt-end sticks, Remo pinstripe heads
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