Glen Drover

circa 2007

from GuitarGeek:

  • Guitars: custom Dean GD-1 (silver); custom Dean GD-2 (cobalt blue); custom Dean Cadillac (black)
  • GHS Tremolo Boomers (9-11-16-26-36-46) in standard tuning; SD '59 in neck and SD Distortion in bridge; Kahler 2300 tremolo; Grover tuners
  • Rig: Shure ULX P14 wireless units > Whirlwind Multi-Selector > DigiTech Tone Driver > Rocktron Prophesy II (with BBE Sonic Stomp in FX loop) > Ebtech Hum Eliminator > Line 6 Custom Dave Mustaine Signature Head > Line 6 412S-B 4x12 straight cabs (loaded w/ Celestion V30s)
  • Rocktron All-Access MIDI Foot Controller; Monster PRO 2500 PowerCenter
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