D. Boon

circa 1985

  • Guitars: 70s Fender Telecaster Custom. Boon used a single-coil Strat early on, then a Gibson Melody Maker (which he ditched because of electrical shocks), then Telecasters for the rest of his career. According to various accounts and photographs, he also used a Gibson hollowbody and/or a Gretsch Clipper at some point.
  • Amps: 1978 Fender Super Twin (treble knob cranked, bass & mid off). According to various accounts and photographs, Boon used a Twin for most of his career, and possibly an AC-30 and AC-50 at some point.
  • Effects: Ibanez Tube Screamer (solos)

Mike Watt

  • Basses: mid-60s Gibson EB-3, then a Fender P-Bass (purchased from Derf Scratch of Fear), then a Fender Telecaster Bass
  • Amps: Ampeg SVT, Peavey

George Hurley

  • Drums: Ludwig Vistalites
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