circa 2011

from GuitarGeek:

  • Guitars: Fender Telecaster Classic '72 Custom (black, in DADADD); Epiphone ES-1275 double-neck (burgundy, in FADACD (6)/EADGBE (12)); 1995 Fender Jaguar (sunburst, in DADF#AD or FADACD, w/ Mustang bridge)
  • Effects: Ibanez TS-7 > EHX Metal Muff > Boss ODB-3 > Boss TU-2 > Morley Little Alligator volume > Boss DD-6 > Boss PS-5 > EHX Freeze > EHX Holy Grail Nano > Moogerfooger MF-105 > Line 6 DL4 (w/ Moog EP-2) > Line 6 DL4 > EHX Stereo Pulsar
  • Amps: 1990s Ampeg Superjet 1x12 combo (w/ Eminence Patriot and Mullard tubes)
  • Other: EBow Plus (2x), Panasonic Slim Line tape player, metal slide, violin bow, drumsticks, Ernie Ball .11 strings, Dunlop Standard Nylon 60mm picks, Main Drag cables

circa 2012

After her pedalboard & Sunn amp were stolen on 8/23/2012: (from Effects Bay)

  • Effects: Boomerang III Phrase Sampler, Boss FV-500H, Boss DD-20, Boss PS-5, Earthquaker White Light, Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, Eventide Space, TC Electronic Polytune Mini, Walrus Audio Mayflower
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