Pierce the Veil

Mike Fuentes

  • Drums: Truth kit[1] in custom "Harry Potter" glass wrap: 24x16 kick, 16x16 and 18x16 floor toms, 13x8 rack tom (chrome hardware, 50% offset lugs, mounted floor tom legs). 14x8 custom "Harry Potter" snare (chrome hardware, diecast hoops, long tube lugs).
  • Cymbals: Zildjian cymbals[2]: 19" K Dark Crash Thin, 20" A Custom Crash, 15" A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats, 20" FX Oriental China Trash, 22" A Custom Ride
    • TRX cymbals (formerly)[3]: 15˝ ALT Hi-Hats, 7˝ T-Bell, 20˝ ALT Ride, 20˝ MDM Ride, 20˝ BRT Ride, 20˝ Grille, 20˝ BRT China
  • Other: Vater 2B Wood sticks[4]
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