Steve Albini

c. 2000

  • 1976 Travis Bean TB500 aluminum guitar (w/ P-90s) > Boss NS-2 > MXR Noise Gate > Interfax Harmonic Percolator > signal splitter > signal 1: Tapco/Intersound IVP Transistor Preamp/Distortion (connected to 'internal balancing transformer' (DI box) > direct to PA mixer) > Carver 50w Power Amp > homemade cab w/ 15" EVM 15B speaker, homemade crossover, and generic 1" HF horn driver / signal 2: 1965 Fender Bassman > homemade cab w/ 10" and 12" greenback Celestion Vintage 30's
  • copper Dunlop Hot Licks picks or copper Ice Pix
    • This rig seems to be fairly identical to his current rig, plus the EGC500 he uses as a backup for his Travis Bean.

Bob Weston

c. 2004

  • Travis Bean TB-2000 aluminum bass > Traynor TS-50B 50w solid-state amp > Crown (PB-2?) 2-channel solid-state power amp (Crown and Traynor both housed in a large aluminum box, same box Steve uses) > two homemade 15" cabs (formerly 15" Dietz cabs)
  • stainless steel Rotosound strings
  • "yellow picks" (presumably the .73mm Dunlops)

Todd Trainer

c. 2004

  • 1965 Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit: 20" kick, 12" rack tom, 14" floor tom (w/ bearing edges re-cut on toms, w/ old-style R.I.M.S. mounts)
  • 1965 Ludwig Silver Sparkle 5x14" wooden snare (acquired separately)
  • Previously (and occasionally still) Todd used a 3x13 Black Beauty or 3x13 Pearl wooden snare
  • Zildjian cymbals: reportedly, Zildjian A Rock (18" and 20" crashes, 15" hats)
  • Pro-Mark 5B Natural Wood Tip sticks
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