Silver Jews

circa 2005:

Pitchfork: What guitar rig do you use? Still with the [Fender] Mustang?
DCB: Mustang. I used this effects pod Will gave me last year to write the new songs. You know, write to the sound of the guitar. I'm in the market for a [Gibson] SG to write the next album. Bright Flight was written on a Baby Taylor acoustic. It wasn't so popular. My fault. I let up on side two.

Based on miscellaneous later live photos, Berman ran his Competition Mustang (RI?) through what appears to be a Vox Valvetronix AD60VTX combo live. He also played a Martin 000CXE acoustic/electric live. The only identifiable/visible pedals I've ever seen around him are a Boss TU-2. He might've also had a compressor or overdrive.

Cassie primarily played a sunburst G&L L-1000 bass into the standard Ampeg SVT/8x10.

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