Soul Coughing

circa 1994 - 1999

Most of this information is culled from Mike Doughty's blog circa 2005, when he began selling a lot of his SC-era equipment. Consequently, a good majority of the equipment listed is no longer in Doughty's possession.

I would be quite grateful for any information anyone has on the equipment used by Mark, Sebastian, or Yuval at the time.

Mike Doughty


  • Fender Coronado II (Green) (info)
    • Doughty's famous green guitar, as seen on Letterman.
  • Fender Coronado II (Wildwood) (info/pictures)
    • "I played this one on the El Oso sessions; if memory serves correctly, I recorded "Circles" and "$300" on this guitar."
  • Fender Coronado (info/pictures)
    • "A secondary guitar from later Soul Coughing tours. I opened the case and found this Coronado still in the "$300" tuning! Weird."
  • "cheap-shit Yamaha Telecaster copy" (info/pictures)
    • "This is the guitar I recorded Ruby Vroom on. I also played every Soul Coughing show up 'til about 1996 on it, and wrote "City of Motors", "Supra Genius" and "Sugar Free Jazz" on it."


(circa the ''El Oso'' tour)

  • Digitech XP100 Whammy-Wah
  • Demeter Tremulator
  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo
  • A/DA Flanger
  • EHX Q-Tron


  • Vox AC30 (info/pictures)
    • "Tchad Blake had me play through one of these on ''Ruby Vroom''. I bought this amp right after recording, and it was my touring amp from the day the record came out to the last gig Soul Coughing ever played, the Dirty Danny benefit at Bowery Ballroom in December of 1999, a gig distinguished, for me, by the fact that I OD'd and nearly suffocated onstage during "St. Louise." Hoo boy."


  • E-mu 4000 Sampler (info/pictures)
    • Doughty occasionally played the sampler. He also reportedly owned/used a Ensoniq ASR-10.


Mark De Gli Antoni

All I know about Mark's SC-era equipment is that he primarily used a Akai S1000 sampler, and also used a Nord Electro around 1998/1999.

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