Stian Westerhus
  • Guitars: Gibson ES-335, Fender Sub-Sonic Strat, Danelectro baritones
  • Effects: Boss OC-3, Boss PS-5, DBA Evil Filter, DBA Soundwave Breakdown, DigiTech DigiDelay, DigiTech JamMan, DigiTech Whammy, Eventide PitchFactor, Eventide TimeFactor, Fulltone Full-Drive, Ibanez DE-7, Line 6 Echo Park, Moog MF-102, Onerr SDT-1 (modded), Z.Vex Mastotron
  • Amps: two Hiwatt Custom 100s into Hiwatt 4x12s; two Ampeg SVT-VRs into Ampeg 4x10s
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