Martin Rev

  • Keyboards: Farfisa Compact, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
  • Effects: Electro-Harmonix
  • Drum Machines: Among the guesses that have been made thus far:
    • Seeburg Select-a-Rhythm 601B: Rev claims the "Frankie Teardrop" beat was made on this specific machine in this video.
    • Seeburg Rhythm Prince: Unconfirmed, but by far the most common guess on Rev's main machine.
    • Roland CR-78: Used on the second LP, confirmed in photos.
    • Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1: Many sources note that this seems to have nearly identical sounds/patterns to Rev's machine.
    • "Seagrams" drum machine: A 2005 biography mentions Rev's main drum machine as being from a "bowling-pin setter" company called "Seagrams", though no other evidence of this company's existence has been found.
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