Test Icicles
  • Rory Atwell: Wilson Bros. Venture VM-75, Fender '72 Deluxe Telecaster
  • Devonte Hynes: Squier HH Showmaster (hot pink), Aria II Pro ZZ Deluxe, Telecaster copy (earlier shows), Korg microKORG
  • Sam Mehran: Les Paul Deluxe copy, Peavey Raptor
  • Amps: All three members would switch guitar duties, usually sharing the same amps. They usually used a Peavey Valveking 1x12, a small Trace Elliot combo, or a Fender Hot Rod deluxe.
  • Effects: In an interview, they claimed to use the same effects as KoЯn.
  • iPod (live drums/bass backing tracks)
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