The Doors

Ray Manzarek


  • Vox Continental (1965 - 68); Gibson G-101 (1968+) > Acoustic 261 amp
  • Fender Rhodes Piano Bass > Acoustic 361PP 1x18 bass cab


Acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, Gibson G-101, Hammond C-3, harpsichord, Marxophone, RMI Electra Piano, RMI Rocksichord, tack piano, Vox Continental (UK, US & Italian), Wurlitzer electric piano

Robby Krieger


  • Gibson SG Special and Gibson Les Paul Custom > Vox Tonebender > Maestro Echoplex > Acoustic 261 > numerous Acoustic cabinets


  • Guitars: Gibson SG Special (w/ Lyre vibrola); Gibson Les Paul Custom (for slide); Gibson Melody Maker ('64); Gibson Johnny Smith ('64); Gibson ES-355s ('64 and '67); Ramírez flamenco guitar ('63); miscellaneous SG Specials/Standards and Les Pauls
  • Amps: Jordan and Acoustic amps, then later custom/homemade amps; also, Fender Showmans and Twin Reverbs
  • Effects: Vox Tonebenders (it's been debated whether or not he also used a Maestro fuzz and/or a Marshall Supa-Fuzz); Maestro Echoplex; echo chamber
  • Other: Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (on SG); Gibson medium-gauges (on LP)

John Densmore

  • Drums: Gretsch 4-piece; switched around '67 to Ludwig 4-pieces
  • Cymbals: Zildjian cymbals (22" medium ride, 16" thin crash, 14" hats); switched around '69 to Paiste 605s

Jim Morrison

  • Microphones: Jim Morrison used an Electro-Voice 676 with a "solid-state six-channel Shure Vocal Master Reverb Control Console Model VA 302-C with six channel reverb, six XLR input/output attenuators, echo with input/output and gain, four anti-feedback knobs, and reverb intensity control for each channel." He also seems to have used the standard Shure mics (51, 57, 58, etc.) as well an Acoustic PA system.
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