The Rolling Stones

Charlie Watts

circa 2012 - 2013

(from Tom Kovats)

  • Drums: '57 Gretsch Round Badge kit in Natural Maple (22x14", 16x16", 8x12"); DW Collector's 5x14" wood snare
  • Cymbals: vintage: 14" Avedis Zildjian hi-hats, 18" UFIP B8 flat ride, 18" UFIP china, 17" Avedis Zildjian crash
  • Other: Remo CS heads, Evans head (kick batter); Ludwig Speed King kick pedal, vintage Ludwig Atlas throne and snare stand, '80s Gretsch cymbal stands, '80s Rogers Swivomatic hi-hat stand, Vic Firth Charlie Watts sticks (previously Ludwig 11A hickory)
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