The White Stripes

Jack White

  • Guitars: 1964/65 JB Hutto Montgomery Airlines, 1960s Harmony H73, 1970s Crestwood Astral II, 1950s Kay Hollowbody, Gretsch White Penguin, Gretsch Rancher Falcon, 1915 Gibson L-1
  • Effects: EHX Big Muff Pi (x2), EHX POG (x2), DigiTech Whammy WH-4, MXR Micro Amp, Boss TU-2, Z.Vex Fuzz Factory, Z.Vex Tremolo Probe, custom AnalogMan tuner/mute boxes
  • Amps: 1960s/70s Fender Twin Reverb (x2); 1960s Silvertone 1485 into 100W Sears Silvertone 6x10 cab (w/ Jensens) (x2)
  • Other: GHS Nickel Rockers or Boomers
  • Keyboards: Fender Rhodes Mark II, Wurlitzer 200A, Korg CX-3, Hammond A-100 (w/ Leslie 3300), Moog Little Phatty, Jennings Univox J-10 Concert (1946), Fender Rhodes Piano Bass
  • Other Instruments: Gibson F-4 mandolin, Ludwig-Musser M250 Concert Grand marimba

Meg White

  • Drums: (circa Get Behind Me Satan tour:) Ludwig Classic Maple kit (in red sparkle): 18x22 kick, 5x14 snare, 9x13 and 16x16 toms
  • Cymbals: (circa 2007:) Paiste 14" Signature Medium Hi-Hats, Paiste 19" Signature Power Crash, Paiste 22" 2002 Ride
  • Percussion: Timpani, desk bells, JingleMute, tambourine, maracas, bongos
  • Other: Vater XD-Rock Wood Sticks, Zildjian DIP or ROCK sticks
  • Mics circa 2007: E902 on kick, E904 on toms, E905 on snare, E935 on vocals, KM184s on hi-hats and overheads
  • Vintage TrueTone electric guitar on the last episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien
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