The Who

The Who's gear has been documented in full detail at Who Gear. This page documents their live gear circa 1976.

Pete Townshend

  • Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Deluxes (6-9) (modded w/ DiMarzio Dual Sound in middle position, two-way coil-tap for Dual Sound, and three-way pickup selector)
  • Effects: Univox Super-Fuzz, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, WEM Copicat (x3)
  • Amps: two Hiwatt CP103 heads into four Hiwatt SE4123 4x12 cabs (two with JBL K120s, two with Fane 50Ws) (miked with Shure 548s); custom Gelf preamp
  • Other: Gibson Sonomatic .012 strings, Manny's medium and heavy picks, Dunlop toggle capos

John Entwistle

  • Basses: Alembic Series I, Alembic Explorer
  • Amps: Alembic IN-1 pre-amp/splitter (splitting lows to one preamp and mids/highs to another); two Stramp 4120 stereo preamps (splitting to one power amp each); four Sunn Coliseum Slave 300W power amps (two for lows, one for mids, one for highs/full-range); two Sunn 412L 4x12 cabs; two Sunn 312 3x12 cabs; two Sunn W 1x18 reflex bins (w/ Vegas); two Sunn 1x18 cabs (w/ Vegas)
  • Other: Rotosound Swing Bass roundwound strings (.045 – .105); Herco and Manny’s picks

Keith Moon

  • Drums: custom Premier mahogany kit in cream/copper: two 22" kicks; 18" and 16x18" floor toms; four 14x10 toms; 16x16, 15x12, 13x9, 12x8, and 10x6.5 toms; 14x6.5 Gretsch snare
  • Cymbals: Paiste 2002: 14" hats, 14" splash, 18" crash, 20" crash, 22" ride, 30" gong
  • Percussion: Premier 22.5" timpani, two Premier timbales
  • Other: Remo heads, Premier 250 pedal, Premier Lockfast stands

Roger Daltrey

  • Shure SM-58
  • Hohner harmonica
  • Premier tambourine
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