Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra

circa April 2014

Efrim Menuck

  • Guitars: 70s-80s Les Paul Pro Deluxe and 90s Les Paul Studio
  • Amps: Swart Atomic Space Tone, Fender Dual Showman w/ 2x12 cab
  • Effects: Peterson StroboStomp 2, Toneczar Angelbaby, Toneczar Echoczar, SIB Echodrive, Throbak Overdrive Boost, Foxrox Octron, Xotic EP Booster, ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky (x2), Catalinbread Belle Epoch, Kleissonic Screaming Skull, Fulltone Supa-Trem, Swart Atomic Boost, Paul Cochrane Timmy, Lehle Little Dual

Sophie Trudeau

  • Effects: MXR Carbon Copy, Boss TR-2, Boss RC-20XL (x2), Foxrox Zim, Maxon AD-900, Empress ParaEq, Digitech Whammy

Jessica Moss

  • Effects: Empress ParaEq, Ibanez PH7, SIB Echodrive, Empress Tape Delay, Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay, Boss RC-20XL, Catalinbread Semaphore, Empress Germ Drive, Foxrox Octron, Subdecay Flying Tomato

Thierry Amar

  • Basses: Fender Precision Bass, upright bass
  • Amps: Euphonic Audio iAmp Pro, "Workhorse" cab, Emperor cab

David Payant

  • Drums: Gretsch
  • Electronics: Roland RS-09, Moog MF Trem, Warsaw amp
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