They Might Be Giants

John Linnell

circa 2007

  • Electronics: Roland Fantom X8 (with internal storage of sound effects), Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad, Radial JD-6 (to PA stereo output), Brian Dewan-built stand (robin egg blue)
  • Accordions: "I've got seven that I've used at live shows. My original Walters which dates from 1928 and is now too fragile to take on the road, a "Music Mart" which you can see in the live photo on the back of the "Don't Let's Start" EP, an Excelsior that I played in the early 90's which has many busted off ivories and two grills that look like bug eyes, a gigantic and burdensome "Marinucci Recanati" (I don't know which name represents the manufacturer), a tiny Chinese accordion that is good for radio shows, and two Hohners, one old and black, one brand new and red."

John Flansburgh

circa 2000

  • Guitars: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ('57 RI LH), 1997 Gibson ES-335 ('57 RI LH), custom Mojo Chessmaster (w/ Gretsch and Joe Barden pickups)
  • Pedals: Boss Bass Synthesizer > Boss Turbo Overdrive > Boss Vibrato > Boss Digital Delay > Boss Phaser > EHX Q-Tron > EHX Big Muff > Whirlwind A/B/Y
  • Amps: Matchless DC-30 head into Marshall cab, Fender BF Twin Reverb

circa 2007

  • Guitars: blue Fender Telecaster, '62 Gibson ES-335, 1960s Danelectro Coral Longhorn, Gibson Les Paul, custom-made Mojo electric guitar, vintage Burns electric, and various others
  • Pedals: Boss TU-2, Boss CE-3, Line 6 FM4, Z.Vex Box of Rock, EHX POG, Voodoo Lab Pedal Power
  • Amps: Matchless DC30 (w/ Matchless cab), Fender Deluxe Reverb (smaller shows/in-stores in the past), Orange amps
  • Other: Line 6 POD

Dan Miller

circa 2007

  • Guitars: black Fender Stratocaster(s) (w/ Gibson humbucker), red Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, white Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, unknown Danelectro (w/ Roland synth pickup) (no longer used, apparently), early '80s Gibson ES-335, and various others
  • Pedals: ?
  • Amps: Vox AC30, Rivera amps, Orange amps
  • Other: MicroKorg

Danny Weinkauf

circa 2011

  • Guitars: Fender and Lakland Jazz Basses (a red Lakland 44-60 primarily), Hofner basses
  • Pedals: ?
  • Amps: vintage Ampeg SVT head (lowercase logo on right side) into Ampeg 8x10 cab; Eden speakers
  • Other: ?

Marty Beller

circa 2011

  • Drums: clear acrylic Ludwig Vistalite kit
  • Cymbals: Zildjian cymbals
  • Percussion/Etc.: Roland SPD-S, various Latin Percussion instruments (occasionally, he also has a Roland TD-20S, Zildjian cymbals and an additional Roland SPD-S set up on the opposite side of the stage)
  • Other: Vic Firth American Classic 5B sticks
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