Tommy Emmanuel

circa 2011

from Acoustic Guitar

  • Acoustic guitars (stage): Maton EBG808 TE small-bodied 14-fret flattop with a Sitka spruce top and Queensland maple back and sides, tuned to A-444 (4 cents higher than concert pitch) for slightly stiffer string tension. Maton TE1 Artist cutaway dreadnought with a premium Sitka top and Indian rosewood back and sides, usually tuned a whole step or more below concert pitch.
  • Acoustic guitars (studio): Larrivée custom 12-fret cutaway. 2010 Maton custom shop jumbo with a Sitka top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard. Wayne Henderson dreadnought with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard. 2006 Gretsch Synchromatic archtop made in Japan, which Emmanuel says “sounds just like Homer Haynes’s 1940s Epiphone.” 2010 Collings 01 with mahogany back and sides. Custom 2008 Maton EGB808 (“The Yellow Mouse”). He sets up all his guitars with the neck completely straight (no relief) with low action.
  • Amplification: Both Matons are equipped with Maton’s AP5 Mic system, which combines a bridge-mounted pickup and an internal mic with an onboard preamp. Emmanuel closes the soundhole of each guitar with a rubber Feedback Buster to help eliminate feedback in the monitors so he can run the piezos and the mic at full output volume. He uses an AER Compact 60 amp and also runs his signal through an old Alesis Midiverb II (splitting the signal into the amp and the PA).
  • Strings: Martin SPs and FX, Everly, Cleartone, D’Addario, and GHS.
  • Capo: Shubb, Jim Dunlop, and Kyser.

circa 2014

from Premier Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitars: two Maton EBG808s (one in standard, one tuned down a whole step; both with sitka spruce tops, Queensland maple necks, and Maton AP5-Pro electronics system); Maton EBG808 Tommy Emmanuel Signature (with sitka spruce top and Queensland maple back/sides)
  • Effects/Amplification: Boss TU-3 > AER Pocket Tools Colourizer > AER Compact 60 amp
  • Other: Ultra Acoustic Feedback Busters; extra heavy Dawg picks; Dunlop medium thumb picks; Martin Acoustic FX strings (.012–.054)
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