circa early 2000s

Jeff Parker posted this on an online forum:

Vibraphone is made by Deagan, modified with a pickup system, so it can be directly connected to a sound source. Vibrato is controlled via Big Briar Ring Mod w/expression pedal.

Buchla Marimba Lumina mallet midi controller handles marimba sounds and a few other samples.

Guitars: 81 Gibson ES-335 (Parker)
62 Fender Jazzmaster (McCombs)

Basses : 70s Fender Telecaster Bass (McCombs)
60s Fender Precision Bass (Bitney)
60s Fender Jazz Bass (Parker)
60s Fender Bass VI (McCombs)

Amps : Fender Twin '65 Blackface Reissue (McCombs)
Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp (McCombs)
SWR 8x10 Cabinet (McCombs)
SWR Bass Amp (Bitney)
SWR 4x10 cabinet (Bitney)
Music Man 2x10 75-watt guitar combo amp (Parker)
Ashdown Electric Blue Bass Amp (Parker)
SWR 4x10 cabinet (Parker)

Drums & cymbals I'm not so sure about, I'll tell you what I know. Maybe someone else can elaborate further.

John Herndon's drums are by Slingerland, only size I know is bass drum is a 20". Not sure what kind of drum set McEntire is using, but his snare is by Dunnett. Some cymbals are Zildjian Constantinople series, some are K's, one is a Paiste flat ride. Not sure about hardware.

Three (or four?) keyboard midi controllers of various make.

Nord Electro
Hohner Melodica

Two Macintosh powerbooks containing software which allows the triggering of various samples.

Various hand percussion including shakers and tambourines

I use a Boss RV-3 Delay Reverb Pedal, A Big Briar Ring Modulator with expression pedal, a Crowther Hotcake distortion pedal, and a DOD FX-17 wah/volume pedal, and a Morley A/B box to rout the signal between guitar and bass amps.

McCombs uses a modified Crybaby wah pedal, ProCo Rat distortion pedal, Big Briar analog delay and lowpass filter pedals, Full Tone distortion, Crowther Prunes & Custard distortion, Ernie ball volume pedal, and Morley A/B boxes, plus a bunch of other stuff I'm not sure about.

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