Rivers Cuomo

circa 1994 - 2001

  • TL;DR: '90s Warmoth Strat (DiMarzio Super II in neck, SD TB59 in bridge, Black Ice module, Charvel hardtail bridge) > '92 Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100LM 5881/6L6 > '68 Marshall 1990 4x12 in 8x10 cab

  • Guitars: 1993 Warmoth Fat Strat (sonic blue w/ SD TB59 and DiMarzio Super II; Black Ice, Charvel hardtail bridge, Sperzel tuners; '93-'00); various Warmoth Strats (black, blonde, blue, and green; '97-'01); 1994 Gibson SG (maroon, '94-'97)
  • Amps: '70s Mesa Mark I ('92-'96), '93 Marshall JCM-900 SL-X ('93-'95), '92 Marshall 30th Ann. 6100LM ('95-'01), '68 Marshall 1990 4x12 in 8x10 cab ('93-'01); Line 6 POD Pro ('01); Marshall JCM-2000 ('01)
  • Effects: Dunlop CryBaby, Boss DS-2
  • Other: GHS Boomers (.10-.46), Dunlop gray picks (.60 or .73)


  • Guitars: Ric Ocasek's '59 and '60 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special DCs; Ric Ocasek's red '60s Fender Jaguar; Rivers Cuomo's 1974 Gibson J-45
  • Amps: '70s Mesa Mark I into '68 Marshall 1990 mock 8x10; '93 Marshall JCM-900 SL-X (backup)
  • Effects: none


  • Guitars: Gibson Les Pauls, Rivers Cuomo's 1974 Gibson J-45
  • Amps: '92 Marshall 30th Ann. 6100LM into '68 Marshall 1990 mock 8x10
  • Effects: EHX Big Muff
  • Keys: EML ElectroComp 101


  • Guitars:Ric Ocasek's '59 and '60 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special DCs; Bobby Schneck's Les Paul Classic (w/ Seymour Duncan JB); Bobby Schneck's 1979 Gibson ES-335TD; Rivers Cuomo's stickered natural Strat copy
  • Amps: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier into Marshall slant 4x12; modded Marshall 100W into Marshall slant 4x12; Vox AC30
  • Effects: ZVex Super Hard-On, ZVez Fuzz Factory, Bobby Schneck's Ibanez TS-808, Bobby Schneck's Ibanez PQ401

Scott Shriner

circa 2014

(from Bass Player)

  • Basses: EGC Custom 500 Bass, EGC Custom 500 Guitar/Bass Double-Neck, EGC Custom Series Two Guitar/Bass Double-Neck, 1960 Fender P-Bass, 1962 Fender P-Bass, 1965 Fender P-Bass, 1965 Fender Jazz Bass
  • Effects: Wren and Cuff Tri Pie ’70, Sanford and Sonny BlueBeard Fuzz, Dwarfcraft Baby Thundaa, Sovtek Big Muff, Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh, Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz, EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter, Dirge DirgeDweller, Loud Button Electronics WTF, Endangered Audio Research AD4096, Red Panda Particle, IdiotBox Death Ray
  • Amps: Hex Model X, Hex 300, Verellen Meatsmoke, and Sunn Model T heads; Rollersound 8x10 and 1x15, and Emperor 8x10, Guitar 4x12, Bass 4x12 & 2x15 cabs
  • Other: Rotosound roundwounds (.045-.105)
  • Synths: Moog Taurus 3, Minimoog Voyager, DSI Poly Evolver
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